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Pool Table Repair

Does your pool table have broken parts? Is your slate broken? Is your pool table frame broken? Pockets loose or torn? Legs broken or split? We can help with any and all of these issues.


We will completely setup and level your pool table and get you ready for play; using your current cloth or new cloth. We use a starrett machinist level for supreme accuracy. We wax and liquid dowel your slate seems to a glassy finish.


We can replace your worn out current cloth with a new cloth of your choice. There are many brands and colors to choose from, standard cloth is used for most all in home pool tables. For those who want a faster more responsive cloth, we have that available as well. If you have a brand you prefer feel free to request it by name.

Cushion Replacement

Often times due to many different reasons, your cushions will need replacement. Bad cushions can feel very hard, and will no longer push back balls. They can also feel mushy and not perform well. If you notice your table not rebounding back balls consistently, give us a call.

Rail Extensions

Want to make your pockets tighter? The correct way to make your table firm, is to get rail extensions. Wood is added to the sides of each pocket, extending the rails outwards. This does require cushion and cloth replacement as well, and you can pick your pocket width.

In-Home Moving

Getting new flooring? Have a water leak? Need a pool table moved to another room? We offer in home moving only. We can swap rooms a pool table is in so you can get flooring replaced/repaired. We no longer offer home to home moves.

Maintenance Plans and Services

Over the years your pool table may need a tightening and leveling. We recommend every year to have the table oiled, pocket leather softened, cloth cleaned, bolts tightened, and pool table leveled. Call today to get scheduled, we can book you on a yearly basis. Businesses should consider doing this twice a year.


Moving out of state? Most moving companies require that your pool table slate be crated. We crate each piece of slate in its own crate, to ensure its protection during your move. We do not do whole table crating or shipping.

Our Services

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