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  • What size table should I purchase?
    Tables come in different sizes, sizes include, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 foot. The most common three sizes are, 7, 8, and 9 foot, with 8 foot being the most common in home size; 7 foot tables being the most common commercial size. As well as 9 foot tables being the standard tournamnet size.
  • How do I know what size my table is?
    Measuring the size of your table can be done a few different way. Those being, measuring the plane surface of the table, this is done by measuring from one nose of the cushion to the other. 7 foot will be 39 x 78 or 40 x 80. 8 foot will be 44 x 88. 9 foot will be 50 x 100. You can also measure your pool table like a tv, at a diagonal. You will measure only from corner pocket to corner pocket, not the outside of the table. You can also measure the distance from the 3 dots on the rails, also known as 'sites'. 7 foot will be 10", 8 foot will be 11.5" and 9 foot will be 12.5".
  • What type of table should I purchase? Slate or Not?
    Pool tables can be slate or non slate, all quality playing tables are slate. Slate can be one piece, or 3 peice. There's sometimes 4 or 5 piece slates as well. 3 piece is the most common for in home tables. 1 piece slates are for commercial environments. Non slate tables are generally not well built, not level, nor play well. They are typically built for show homes, not to play a good game of pool on.
  • What type of cushions might I want on my table?
    Cushions of your pool table provide the rebound off of your rails. Cushions come in various shapes or profiles, the angle of your rail determiens the profile of cushion that fits your table. K-66 and K-55 are the most common profiles used, other profiles include U-23, Century, A-48, Snooker step cushion, and smaller sizes for bumper pool tables.
  • What are the differences in pocket styles?
    Most pool tables have leather pockets that sit on the outside of your table. Some pool table styles have a pocket that sits inside the table, called an 'Inclosed Pocket', those pockets can be leather or plastic. Some pool tables have a ball return with no pockets, they will have a pocket liner.
  • There are so many different cloths, how do I know which is best for me?
    Pool table cloth comes in a few different styles and affects the ball speed as it rolls on the table. Standard cloth is sued on most in home tables, speed cloth or worsted cloth is used in pool halls and for faster paced players at home, commonly used for tournaments and league play as well. Cloth can also have teflon to prevent spills from penetrating and making a stain.

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